Detour: Brazil

With just a few days left on our 90-day Chile tourist visa, and eager to escape the cold of the pacific coast in winter, we  packed our bags and headed to warmer pastures (waters), bathing suits and running shoes in tow.

Anyone know Photoshop?

First stop: Rio de Janeiro. Visits to Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue, Santa Teresa, Ipanema,  and Copacabana beach left us convinced that this must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   Moreover, it made for a great place to run a 1/2 marathon!

Bibs and finishing medals, Rio Half Marathon

We next decided to travel down the coast to a colonial town called Paraty, where we walked the cobblestone streets, dodged the tourist touts, and then embarked to a more distant beach on which to camp out for a couple nights.  Just us, a few surfers, fisherman and sand flies.    

Jeff overlooking the Praia de Sono. Our tent is down there somewhere.

The beaches, which required a hike to access, were beautiful.  The water was warm (yay Atlantic!), and all was perfect.  Except maybe the food. With proper gas canisters for our camp-stove unavailable, we made do with honey and sausage sandwiches with peanuts and granola on the side.  Yum!

Jeff doing some shallow water soloing

Right in front of the falls on the Brazilian side (with permasmiles)

After camping, and a quick slide down a waterfall, we filled up our bellies and headed inland.  Up next: Foz de Iguacu (Iguazu Falls).  And what a site they were!  We visited the national parks on both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides. Pictures were taken, monkeys were spotted, clothes got wet, and Jeff even chased down a would-be thief.  (See picture and caption below).

Being that we were in the area, the next day we jumped over to the shopping mecca of Ciudade del Este, Paraguay, where the concept of  “differentiation” apparently has not been introduced.  With that being said, there was some type of chaotic brilliance to this place that baffled and intrigued us at the same time.

An overnight bus-trip later and we found ourselves in Sao Paulo, with two tickets to Cartagena, Colombia!

A view from the Argentinian side

Click here to watch a 20-second video of the falls doing what they do.

Jeff near Garganta Del Diablo (Devil´s Throat) encountering some sperm people

Quatis: exotic looking but really just annoying little scavengers and thieves.

One of these little pariahs mistook my plastic bag, which contained a spare dry shirt, for an easy snack and took off with it into the jungle.  I followed, giving chase, and with a little spotting and pointing from some other tourists in the park, reclaimed what was mine.

Ciudade Del Este, Paraguay. Shopper´s paradise or Tijuana on steroids?

 [More pictures can be found in the Photos section of our blog]


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