Patagonian what? I thought this blog was about travel…

“Today’s dinner special is the Patagonian Toothfish.”  Yummy!  You’ve probably never heard this phrase uttered at any restaurant, but it is likely that you have dined on it. That’s because what is officially cataloged as the ‘Patagonian Toothfish’ is more commonly known as the ‘Chilean Sea Bass’.

As it turns out, the Chilean Sea Bass is really just a marketing invention of south-american fish industry entrepreneurs.  “No, we’re NOT suggesting you serve scaly, fanged, fish-beasts to your dining customers”, they say.  “We’re offering mild-tasting white-meat fillets for which people will gladly pay $20-$25.”   This re-marketing has been so successful in driving demand, that a result has been over fishing so severe that the Toothfish population has largely been decimated.

Now, back to this blog…. Rest assured, it IS about travel!  Our metaphorical Toothfish story seeks to share with you a witty anecdote that is both charming, entertaining and educational while bringing to life some of South America’s uniquenesses and cultural insights (we hope).   Not to mention the fact that thus far, our international experience consists of a six hour layover in Toronto.  (Spare us the “you’re going in the wrong direction jokes”, we know what we’re doing.)

Thanks for reading – we hope this isn’t the last time.

Aggie and Jeff

PS. If you’re a little nerdy like us and want to learn more about the Patagonian Toothfish…following is a great story  from NPR about Toothy and other fish prone to over-fishing:


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